Prue by Ronit Fürst

PURE Eyewear supplies glasses from Ronit Fürst

Artist and eyewear designer Ronit Furst, is delighted to announce the launch of their new collection, Prue by Ronit Furst. The exclusive collaboration with entrepreneur, restaurateur and cook Prue Leith, builds on the essence and individuality of Ronit Furst’s hand painted collection.

As a long-term wearer of Ronit Furst’s hand painted eyewear collection, Prue’s unique style, flair and love of colour created the perfect synergy with the designs. Having worn Ronit Furst for 12 years, the collaboration between designer and entrepreneur evolved through Prue’s love of Ronit’s designs. Together the women have developed an extensive range of over 72 eyewear pieces designed by Ronit for likeminded women who want to infuse their everyday style with the quality and vibrancy the brand are known for.

Prue Leith comments “What inspired me to work with the brilliant Ronit Furst was winning the spectacle Wearer of the Year, with the result that many people, both women and men, complimented me on my glasses and their bold colours, the reaction was really astonishing”.

As the joint licensee, MAC & PURE eyewear highly recommends this collection, as it is the essence of Ronit Furst, Prue Leith and the energy of MAC & PURE eyewear.

To view the complete Prue by Ronit Fürst collection please click on the image to the left

PURE Eyewear selects styles from the collections we distribute, so not all of the styles shown on the suppliers web sites will be available. Please contact PURE Eyewear for details of the styles available in the UK.